The Canadian Council of Occupational Hygiene (CCOH/CCHT) is a not-for profit organization that was established in 1999 to promote the practice of occupational hygiene in Canada and to provide a formal, coordinated, perspective on occupational hygiene issues amongst Canadian occupational hygiene associations.

Each provincial association or geographic area is represented by one director (and one associate director) at the meetings of the council.

The official languages of the Council are French and English.


1. Provide training opportunities for people to become accredited professionals and to obtain professional development in occupational hygiene.

2. Promote awareness about the impact workplaces can have on worker health and the value the occupational hygiene profession brings to the prevention of work related disease and illness.

3. Advocate for action on occupational disease and illness prevention.

4. Establish a sustainable financial and operational framework to enable the CCOH to become the national champion for workplace health.